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Residencies and the neoliberal art system

Residencies and the neoliberal art system

Carte blanche à Juliana Caffé, résidente ACROSS #36.

MADE IN LOCAL est un programme de commande de textes initié en 2020 auprès des critiques d’art et commissaires d’exposition venu·es en résidence ACROSS sur la Côte d’Azur.

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It is curious to think that these displacements and transits of people, things and ideas are also part of the very meaning of the artistic residencies, which made the development of my project possible over these years. And it is on this bias that I would like to reflect in the first part of this text. Since the 1990s, residencies have played an important role in the so-called global turn in contemporary art, establishing subsidised networks of artistic mobility, valuable for the integration of the contemporary art system. Much is said about the formative role of residencies, as spaces for creation, production and interaction.

However, I would also like to highlight the importance of these spaces in the face of the neoliberal work system, marked in the contemporary art circuit by the strong presence of the art market and the precarious conditions of the artist - and here I also include the researcher and the curator, especially independent. Within this perspective, the residencies - when financed - fulfil a social function of promoting production, providing minimum conditions for the development of works and research projects. To better reflect on this bias of residencies, it is convenient to look more clearly at the contemporary art scene.

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