While you'll often be face-to-face with Smasher, you'll have the opportunity to use the pillars as cover. The trouble is that they are all breakable objects and Adam will destroy them fairly quickly, so don’t just sit in one place waiting for his attack to end. Phase 2 of Smasher's encounter is all about long-range! Seek cover and distance during that attack. You fight him at the end of the main story mission “Totalimortal”. The Mantis Blades were great for chopping Adam quickly in Phase 1 and for dealing with the quick cyberninja adds, who have the ability to evade your bullets. In the very last moment of the fight, what I would call eventually a third phase, but it’s too short to be a phase, Adam has lost his left hand as well – his bullets firing weapon is gone. But, this is where things can get a little tricky when trying to use the stealth method, as you'll need to spend quite a bit of time setting up the process that is needed to successfully kill Adam Smasher through stealth alone. I would like to point out that you can get the Mantis Blades 100% for free and the location of this implant is shared in this guide. Tips and Tricks for Defeating Adam Smasher's Three Phases; Adam Smasher's Weaknesses. This page is part of IGN's Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about defeating Johnny Silverhand's killer, Adam Smasher! During all of this you will have to rely on your own resources. To get started, your main focus when starting out will be to escape his attention, which can be done by using the countless barriers and cover options all throughout the area. Throughout the battle, you'll have the opportunity to launch several quickhacks upon, Arguably one of the most helpful quickhacks available, the Weapon Malfuction quickhack allows you to reduce the efficiency of, Perfect those looking to take on the stealth path, the Cyberware Malfunction quickhack will cause. Shoot off his right arm (when aiming at him, to your left). It will take more effort and preparations on your part to defeat him. Even Oda was a harder boss fight than this but hey, when I said I’d speedrun Cyberpunk 2077 as a Fist Only build, I was serious. A sub-40 second boss fight. Smasher has a weak spot on his chest. As he begins to swing his arms, evade the melee combo by spamming the dodge button as you continue to back up - this is the same technique that used to defeat Oda during Act 2, Gimme Danger.Dodging Smasher's jump attack is pretty straightforward, simply sprint away from your current location when you notice him jumping in the air - getting hit will knock you down. I suggest you take them both out, so you don’t have to worry about Line-of-Sighting them to avoid damage. Adam Smasher kills Saul. With the right weapon choice, it shouldn't take too many shoots to finish him off for good.Once you have defeated Smasher, you'll find him on his knees and will have the option to let him live or to take his life. Later in the fight two turrets will spawn on the west side on the upper floor of the arena. To no surprise, Adam Smasher features a number of weaknesses that … Adam Smasher is the legendary mercenary, who while working for Arasaka in 2023, killed the legendary rebel rockerboy Johnny Silverhand in the Arasaka Tower complex in City Center District – the very heart of Night City at the time. But, anything will work against them, really. And it happened! Adam was left to an ambiguous fate as he was last seen fighting a fierce battle aga… ALl scenarios of Adam Smashers encounters and Fight Scenarios As Johnny with Rogue, As V With Panam, Fear The Reaper and Arasaka Ending. Adam Smasher is a hulking mesh of blood and steel, a gigantic cyborg.NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077 can interact with V and add contrast to the game's story, they provide various information, some give Quests, while others are special NPCs whom you can trade goods with or request for certain services.. Background Information about Adam Smasher To no surprise, Adam Smasher features a number of weaknesses that can change the way that the battle plays out, as these weaknesses can significantly altar your damage output. Adam still has a ranged attack after you take his right arm off.

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