For example, Atlanta, Ga. averages about 45 inches of precipitation per year; multiplying this by the 2.293 billion gallons shown in the table as the number of gallons in 1 inch reveals that some 103.2 billion gallons of water fall on Atlanta in an average year. However, in 2018 the recorded rainfall … This increases to 39 in the NE suburbs. +1 (212) 419-5770 The statistic shows the annual average number of rainy days in the United Arab Emirates from 2013 to 2019. On average there are 97 days per year with more than 0.1 mm (0.004 in) of rainfall (precipitation) or 8.1 days with a quantity of rain, sleet, snow etc. This map shows large cities in the U.S. and their average number of days per year with precipitation. At the other end of the scale, the popular bayside suburb of Frankston only gets a measly 18 days a year over 30C and down at Sorrento, at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, they only average 8.4 days over 30C per year. Climate Extremes Index This index charts the occurrence of … Average precipitation in depth (mm per year) from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). In cases where the average number of rainy days was omitted, we found the information at Weather Base. Istanbul In Istanbul, the average temperature in January is around 6.5 °C (43.5 °F), but sometimes cold air masses from the Balkan Peninsula or Russia reach this area, bringing some cold and rainy days, and even snow (in Istanbul, there are about 15 days per year with snow, mostly from December to March). Chart and data: Number of Days of Rain - Annual data (25 years) for Vancouver for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada If the 30 year averages are used, rather than the average number of “reasonably anticipated” weather days for previous years, the amount of average weather occurrence for any given day will most likely be minimal and the contractor could never anticipate losing a day. Consider for a moment how much rainwater some cities may receive during a year. Istanbul is awarded on average 439 mm (17.3 in) of rainfall per year, or 36.6 mm (1.4 in) per month. Try our corporate solution for free! Melbourne city averages 32 days a year over 30C. Summary information for recent periods (year-to-date, month-to-date, last 30 days) is provided in tabular format. per month. Find Out Finally, let’s see which are 10 cities with most rainy days in the world. Mainland PR Average Rainfall (inches) PR/USVI Average Rainfall (inches) and Percent of Normal Decade 1940-1949 1950-1959 1960-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2009 2010-2019 2020-2029 10. Observations were collected over an average of 30 years. Source: NOAA The average annual amount of rainy days is: 35.0 days More Climate Information For Los Angeles Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in Los Angeles . Scotland has seen its annual rainfall vary since 1994, but it usually received more than 1,500 millimeters (mm) of rain per year.

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