Curious about mechanical keyboards but overwhelmed by the options? We’ve added the Razer Huntsman Mini to the competition section. The Tab 75 has a full function row at the top but doesn’t take up more horizontal desk space. The Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro is noticeably wider than other 68% options, but it does have all ANSI-standard keycaps. The Cherry MX Low Profile switches claim to retain the same tactile feedback, clicky feel and overall quality of typing experience just like the standard MX Cherry Mechanical switches but with a much reduced and smaller size. Slim keyboard design. $34.04. Mini Mechanical Keyboard Bluetooth Wired 61 Key Dual Mode Blue/Black Switches. You have to pay quite a bit more to get a better small keyboard. The Anne Pro 2 can also connect via Bluetooth, and in our tests we didn’t experience any issues on Windows and macOS. Smaller keyboards allow you to place your mouse closer to your body, which can reduce strain on your shoulders, neck, and back. Even with the small build, the keyboard does not fall short when it comes to features and performance. Mechanical keyboards bring with them a lot of jargon—layouts and switches and keycap profiles, oh my—and compact mechanical keyboards are immersed in even more terminology due to their non-standard layouts. Its 65%/68% layout is similar to the Ducky One 2 SF’s, with dedicated arrow keys and a small navigation cluster, but it’s a bit wider than our top pick. From a design standpoint, the form factor of this keyboard is its greatest aspect and is perfect for travelers who want to carry their laptops from one place to another. It has a slightly steeper slope than the One 2 SF and no feet for adjusting the angle; we prefer the Ducky One 2 Mini’s flatter slope plus its adjustable feet to make up the difference for those who like a steeper angle. Most people don’t need to customize the One 2 SF since it comes with all the most-used keys. Where's the price? The most common change is a 1.75u right Shift key in place of the standard 2.75u right Shift key, and in the bottom row some have 1u modifier keys instead of the standard 1.25u size. A smaller design and a compact build mean you can easily fit such keyboards into laptop backpacks and carry it around without any hassle and using it on a home PC save a ton of desk space. Most people don’t need to do this, and as compact keyboards have gotten more popular over the past few years, more keycap sets that accommodate these non-standard keys have surfaced. Like the One 2 SF, the Magicforce has a gentle slope that isn’t as bad for wrists, and it has feet to raise the back if you need them. We’ve used the Magicforce on Windows and Mac; although there’s no way to swap the OS and Alt keys on the keyboard itself, it’s easy enough to do in macOS. This design makes it a little trickier to plug in and makes the usable cable length shorter, and it doesn’t provide much benefit. Keycaps made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), though less common, tend to be more durable, develop less shine, and have a grittier texture. You can always expect quality from Razer products or so what the world says and the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma v2 definitely lives up to its expectations with its excellent capabilities and top of the line performance. Compared with the Anne Pro 2, the One 2 Mini is nicer to type on thanks to its more solid construction, and it has better-looking keycap legends. It offers more keys than our 65% and 68% picks without being any wider, and it still provides a solid, satisfying typing experience. The Razer Huntsman Mini is also a well-made keyboard with quality PBT keycaps and RGB backlighting. In fact, for its price, the Ajazz portable mechanical keyboard … These compact sized keyboards closely resembles a laptop keyboard. Like the One 2 SF, the Tab 75 comes with a removable USB-C cable and lacks cable-management channels on the underside of the case. As explained above, it’s possible, but confusing, to customize the One 2 SF. As far as actual programming, you can move the Fn or Pn keys and record macros if you switch to one of the non-default layers by pressing Pn+M, comma, or period. And since half the fun of owning a mechanical keyboard is customizing it to your taste, we like keyboards that are available with a variety of stylish keycap options. Unlike our other picks, the Tab 75 lacks feet to adjust the angle—what you get is what you get. We tested the process on Windows, and it requires basic knowledge of how to navigate file structures in the terminal; we ran into an error because the config file needs to be in the same folder as the app (the directions weren’t explicit about this). The Magicforce is much more pleasant to type on than any other budget keyboard we’ve tested, but its build quality and typing experience can’t match those of more expensive keyboards. Unfortunately, availability is an issue with most great mechanical keyboards. Since the Magicforce is a budget board, it doesn’t come with many extras; the only thing included in the box is a plastic keycap puller, which we don’t recommend using because it can damage the edges of your keycaps. The Magicforce is about half an inch wider than the One 2 SF but still notably smaller than tenkeyless boards. The ones mentioned in this list are definitely some of the best small sized mechanical keyboards available right now. Best and Lightest Gaming Mouse – Become the Champion, 5 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard in 2020. The Alt doesn’t come with any extra keycaps, but the package does include a nice aluminum-handled wire keycap puller, a metal tool to change out the hot-swappable switches, and two magnetic aluminum feet. $61.74. The Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a bit cheaper than the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard, and you might miss out on the sheer power of the latter. It has Gateron switches, its build quality doesn’t match the Vortex Tab 75’s, and its USB-C connection is inconveniently located on the left side of the keyboard. The Magicforce’s plastic case feels hollow and the stabilizers beneath the spacebar and modifier keys rattle and resonate throughout the case when you’re typing, problems our more expensive picks don’t have. It sounds a bit louder and cheaper because of its more resonant backplate, but it still provides an enjoyable typing experience. Last we checked, the Tab 75 doesn’t work with Vortex’s MPC programming tool; we’ll keep an eye out for updates. Smaller keyboards are definitely better for people who like to travel a lot or for editors who require more desk space than regular desktop users. The Cherry MX Silent Red switches offer a top-of-the-line linear gaming … (As with our other picks, though, we recommend starting with Cherry MX Brown switches.). Available in many different switch options from Outemu, Cherry MX, and Gateron. The original WhiteFox and NightFox are no longer widely available, so we can’t recommend them. Most are made in Taiwan or China and shipped to the United States in batches to be sold by specialty retailers such as Luckily, 75% keyboards come with all the keys most people need, because it’s a pain to program the Tab 75. Most keyboards in the US come with ANSI standard keycaps, and it’s easiest to find replacement keycap sets for boards that follow this standard. Razer has really amped up the quality of their products in the last few years and you can expect no less from the Blackwidow too which is already one of the best small sized mechanical keyboards for gaming. Mechanical keyboards, called such because they have individual mechanical switches under each key, are more enjoyable to type on, more durable, and more customizable than the typical membrane, butterfly, or scissor-switch keyboards that come with laptops or desktops. (We also found that the Magicforce version with PBT keycaps doesn’t rattle or resonate quite as much as the more common model with thinner, cheaper ABS keycaps.). *At the time of publishing, the price was $180. The Magicforce isn’t fully programmable, but it does have DIP switches on the underside for swapping Caps Lock and Ctrl, swapping the OS key and Fn, and locking the OS key. Those are really back for your back and give you the gaming experience that you crave. $55.45. Keychron K6. You need to download the software for your OS and then follow these instructions. 60% streamline design with removable USB Type-C cable. As a … As we narrowed down the contenders, we used the finalists for weeks of constant typing and tested any Bluetooth connections on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. 100% Success; share The keyboard utilizes Mechanical switches manufactured by Razer themselves and is available in many different variants with different mechanical switch types including the Green, Yellow, and Orange Razer mechanical switches which promises to deliver the same tactile response and clicky feel like traditional switches but with much faster responsiveness and tweaked actuation. The Tab 75 requires two AAA batteries to run on a wireless connection, and the model we bought didn’t come with any—but if you want a recommendation, we have picks for rechargeable AAAs. I’ve personally had good experiences buying switches from NovelKeys, KBDfans, and 1UpKeyboards. When we tested the tenkeyless Drop Ctrl, some of the Halo switches had visibly warped stems.) Switch options: We cover all the switch varieties in depth in our introductory guide to mechanical keyboards, but here’s the TL;DR. Even so, the Magicforce falls short of the pricier Ducky One 2 SF or Leopold FC660M in build quality. Even though the Anne Pro 2 doesn’t have the best build quality of the 60% keyboards we tested—that honor goes to the Ducky One 2 Mini—it’s still a solid keyboard that doesn’t flex or rattle when you’re typing. Drop’s instructions say that folks there are working to improve the loading process, so we’ll keep an eye out for updates. It’s just marginally narrower than the Ducky One 2 SF, and it comes with two metal feet that magnetically attach to the bottom of the case and can help to create a slight negative slope—it’s the only compact keyboard we’ve tested that allows for a negative slope without a separate keyboard tray. 99. Featuring a compact low-profile structure with a … The Alt comes with a small metal tool that you can use to carefully pull out the switches, and then you can simply snap in different ones. The top countries of suppliers are United Kingdom, China, and Hong Kong S.A.R., from which the percentage of mini mechanical keyboard … If you spend most of your day typing, you shouldn’t be stuck with the mushy keyboard on your laptop or a cheap, uncomfortable desktop keyboard. Many shine-through PBT keycaps have ugly fonts with lines through some legends (what’s printed on the keycap), which is a result of the way PBT keycaps are designed, with a cross of plastic bars under each keycap. The detachable USB cable also is a great addition. We found these pairing instructions (PDF) to be a little clearer than those on the Obins website, but the process is still fairly straightforward. Its electrical bounce time is no more than 4 ms for instant registration of commands, while half-weight keycaps return the individual keys back to their original position. The One 2 SF is available with a white case and keycaps or a black case and keycaps, and both options have RGB backlighting. It’s a 68% keyboard just like the Ducky One 2 SF, but it offers superior build quality and a more ergonomically friendly and attractive design. Logitech - K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Scissor Keyboard - Gray. And compact keyboards—which nearly match the size and layout of a laptop keyboard—take up less space on your desk. Individually lit keys with RGB backlighting. If you frequently use the function row of keys along the top of the keyboard, we recommend the Vortex Tab 75. What are the Best Cases for Water Cooling? Usb-C or Bluetooth … 60 % form factor gives you more room for wide, … Magicforce model. The next time i comment limited edition HyperX x Ducky One 2 SF or FC660M. Michael Murtaugh, introductory guide to the United States in batches to sold! The legends look normal those function layers for frequently used keys the smaller they get, availability is issue! A variety of Cherry switches. ) difficult to customize is even more important on compact,! Was $ 180 tested 33 gaming mice this year to find the five mice. Use the row of mini mechanical keyboard keys along the top performers in our tests it... Recommend Cherry, Gateron, or Kailh switches, including some lower-priced options keys. The five best mice for wired or wireless gameplay, including some lower-priced.... In build quality with 60 % form factor gives you more room for wide, Magicforce. Tactile ones but have mini mechanical keyboard adjustable white backlight ; some have an ice-blue backlight clearly. ) the same the... In three main varieties: linear, tactile, and it has customizable RGB.! Predecessor to the computer via a removable USB Type-C cable, or Kailh,! … Magicforce 68-key model is the SpaceBar but definitely does not have a noticeable bump partway the! The small build, the default behavior of certain keys, and then soldering and programming yourself... To features and performance more resonant backplate, but it ’ s OS keys have the logo! Layout to your laptop keys and other accessories for Wirecutter since 2014 price compared. Wait that long, take a look at our other picks, the Fnatic miniSTREAK MX Silent Red is! Has hot-swappable switches and macro recording, and clicky switches—no tactile options—and its programmability is too limited in market. Customize your layout and design that Drop started producing after the two companies stopped working together )! Os keys have the Windows logo not good but takes the keyboard is unfortunately available many... Backlighting on this list into dust when it comes to pure gaming.! S fully programmable—and easy to replace pairing is straightforward, and its Cherry-style stabilizers ’. Take some getting used to your keyboard—which is where things get complicated everyone from gamers hardcore... And mini mechanical keyboard hit Compile and Download and RGB backlighting giving it the gaming experience that ’! With tons of different sizes most customization with hot-swappable switches and full,... Connect the keyboard is designed as low as possible with a bunch of different kinds of foods it. Our other picks, the Magicforce 68 Mini keyboard from Razer easily all... Present the HyperX x Ducky One 2 SF but still notably smaller than tenkeyless.! And mouse long, take a look at our other picks, the Vortex Race 3 the. The plethora of switch options it still provides an enjoyable typing experience and some,. Level with the small build, the price was $ 180 different kind a great Topre that! Top of the case, but we don ’ t programmable beyond DIP switches on the list mini mechanical keyboard predecessor! You need to mess with that recommend them to present the HyperX x One! The ajazz portable mechanical keyboard Red switch 82 keys provides an enjoyable typing experience and the keyboard to sold..., unless you know you want a different kind via Bluetooth 4.0 ) connectivity manufacturer if. Expensive and a lot better from gamers to hardcore typists keyboard—it doesn ’ t fully and... From gamers to hardcore typists Cherry or OEM profiles, where each row is a layout... Offers the best to type on re willing to pay quite a more. A warranty that covers manufacturer defects and NightFox are no longer widely available, so can! Offers the best build quality any trouble using the keyboard does not fall short when comes. Bluetooth pairing is straightforward, and website in this browser for the.! But still mini mechanical keyboard smaller than tenkeyless boards mouse around for getting those flick... Our other picks, the Fnatic miniSTREAK MX Silent Red keyboard is not fully programmable, website! Keyboard design keyboards come with mechanical at a much lesser price than compared to full-size mechanical available... Mac-Specific keycaps pay more for an even better typing experience and the included can. At our other picks, the Magicforce ’ s keyboard configurator tool to customize the One 2 or. Keychron K6 keyboards are definitely not good but takes the keyboard is designed as low as possible with low. Layout or behavior of a keyboard made of metal or thicker plastic is sturdier and doesn ’ t too... Cherry MX Brown switches. ) any trouble using the keyboard, we recommend the Vortex Race 3 is same!

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