Et ainsi a fleuri l’oiseau de paradis…

Et ainsi a fleuri l’oiseau de paradis…

Meeting with Ninon Duhamel, art critic and curator, ACROSS #35 x Résidence nomade resident.

Friday 30 September at 7pm,
at La Trésorerie, 13 rue Trachel, Nice (tram gare Thiers)
Free entrance

The residence

The "bird of paradise" (or Strelitzia Reginae) is a plant native to tropical regions, whose bird's head-shaped flowers can take up to ten years to bloom. Through a fortuitous and poetic connection with these plants, Ninon Duhamel will present her curatorial practice and her research and writing activities, which also develop over a long period of time, emerging from time to time after years of work in dots.

Starting from her interest in language and the plurality of forms linked to it (orality, writing, translation, narration...), Ninon Duhamel will talk about the construction of her projects A voix haute and Telling Stories and will present works by artists navigating around these themes.